{GIVEAWAY} Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Sweets & Treats Boutique

by Jillian Leslie on

With all the baking you're doing over the holidays, here's the perfect giveaway!  Sweets & Treats Boutique is giving one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to their store.

Sweet & Treats Boutique is a wholesale manufacturer and online cupcake and party supply web store, featuring fun, unique cupcake liners, baking cups, paper party straws, and goodie bags.

Sweets & Treats sells the highest quality products. They specialize in one-of a-kind greaseproof baking cups. Their ColorBlock™ premium greaseproof cupcake liner colors remain bright and crisp after baking, even with dark colored cakes. Plus, their paper straw are sturdy and strong enough for cake pops and chocolate covered treats.

Take a look at their cool products (loving those damask cupcake liners)...

To enter the giveaway, just "like" Sweets & Treats Boutique on Facebook below, then leave a comment at the end of this post saying you did it. Easy as pie (I mean... cupcakes)!

We’ll pick the winner at random on Thursday, December 6th at 10:00 PM (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry. We will use random.org to generate our winner and will notify the winner by email. Open to US residents only. Good luck! This is a sponsored post.



  • Barbara S

    Barbara S wrote:

    Thank you for the chance to win! Love, love, love your packaging and cupcake liners! Just adorable!!

  • Tobi D

    Tobi D wrote:

    I liked Sweets and Treats on Facebook. Lovely items, thanks for the chance.

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    Latoshia A wrote:

    I did it!!! Thank You for the chance to win!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!! Fingers Crossed!!

  • Crystal J

    Crystal J wrote:

    I did it! hopefully i win...my sister & i would go crazy!

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    Emily P wrote:

    I "liked" this! Oh I hope I win!!!

  • Tammy V

    Tammy V wrote:

    Pick Me...I liked!!

  • Christina G

    Christina G wrote:

    I liked Sweets & Treats on FB - would LOVE to win! Thanks!

  • Lacey C

    Lacey C wrote:

    Liked :) Awesome giveaway!

  • Nicole Y

    Nicole Y wrote:

    done, thank you!!

  • Cristy M

    Cristy M wrote:

    Already liked on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jairy N

    Jairy N wrote:

    All done ... Would love to win ... My little guys 1st bday is coming in July :o)

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    Laura W wrote:

    i already get your postings, love your site. would love to win! i love the white straws with the red stars!!!!!

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    Trinity H wrote:

    Love the site and I ententered!!

  • Lauren T

    Lauren T wrote:

    i like sweets and treats on facebook and also posted on my pinterest!!! Love all of your stuff! absolutly gorgeous!! i would love love love to win!!! thank you so much for such a great opertunity to win this great giveaway!! your awesome :)! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  • Jessica G

    Jessica G wrote:

    I did it! Thanks for the chance to win! Hope I get it! My girls birthday party is coming soon and I would love to use their straws and cupcake liners!!!

  • Lauren T

    Lauren T wrote:

    i know i already left a comment here but i just have to say that your little joke about, easy as pie (i mean cupcakes) hahahaha game me my first laugh of the day :) Thanks!

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    Nadia H wrote:

    I liked Sweets and Treats on Facebook. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Jennifer B

    Jennifer B wrote:

    I liked Sweet & Treats!

  • Meg M

    Meg M wrote:

    Hi! Love your stuff! Thank you for the chance to enter!

  • Dimple Prints Carli E

    Dimple Prints Carli E wrote:

    Liked on FB! Darling stuff

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    Vanessa B wrote:

    In the middle of planning my daughter's birthday and these would be perfect! I'd love to win! Thanks for offering!

  • Felicia F

    Felicia F wrote:

    Cute stuff! Liked the page!!

  • Beth F

    Beth F wrote:

    I liked Sweet & Treats! Thanks for the giveaway contest

  • Teigan B

    Teigan B wrote:

    I liked the page, but Ooohhhh, how I wish there was a love button!! I love this ! Now I know where to buy it from! Thank you for just being Sweets & Treats!!

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  • Krissy G

    Krissy G wrote:

    Liked the page!! Your stuff is so so cute, love all of it.. Thanks for the chance.

  • Heather H

    Heather H wrote:

    Liked the page!! Wish there was a love the page option!

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    Amy W wrote:

    I liked the page! I love these party decorations! They are perfect!

  • Chantel M

    Chantel M wrote:

    Done!! <3 the website!

  • Maria O

    Maria O wrote:

    I liked the page!

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    Liked on FB!

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    Nicole B wrote:

    I did. It !!!

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    Donna O wrote:

    I already LOVE them on FB.

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    Wendy F wrote:

    Thank you for such an awesome give a way! Good luck all! I liked on FB :)

  • Stacey H

    Stacey H wrote:

    What a super sweet give away! yep easy as a cupcake ;)

  • Stephanie G

    Stephanie G wrote:

    Liked on fb! So awesome ty!

  • Meghan S

    Meghan S wrote:

    Liked! I'm swooning over all of these party products. I already have so many ideas for my family Christmas eve celebration!

  • Dawn G

    Dawn G wrote:

    I like Sweets and Treats on FB.

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    Wen C wrote:

    I liked on fb :)

  • Mandi '

    Mandi ' wrote:

    I liked on FB! This would be great for my son's birthday party in Jan.

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    Peggy C wrote:

    LIKED on Facebook:)

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    Kelly S wrote:

    liked your page..love your stuff!

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    done. love your stuff

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    I am a fan of Sweets & Treats!

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    Nicolette C wrote:

    i did it :)

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    Keisha L wrote:

    I liked them on facebook.

  • Shae J

    Shae J wrote:

    Already a fan of Sweet & Treats! They've made several of our parties look fabulous! Fingers crossed!

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    I liked them on Facebook. :)

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    I liked Sweet & Treats on Facebook.

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    I did it! Easy as cupcake;)

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    I just liked Sweets & Treats on Facebook. Great site!

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    Wendy B wrote:

    Hi! I'm a new fan of Sweet & Treats on Facebook! Wendy Baron Byde ;)

  • Event Details, Inc .

    Event Details, Inc . wrote:

    Just liked the page! Sweat & Treats has some nice stuff! Fingers crossed that I am the winner :)

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    Candida D wrote:

    Your paper straws would be an amazing enhancement to my marshmallow treats! My kids love them!

  • Myfb P

    Myfb P wrote:

    I liked the page!

  • Kristi P

    Kristi P wrote:

    I liked sweets and Treats on FB.

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    I have liked sweets & treats boutique on facebook =)

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    Nathalie M wrote:

    I have liked sweet & treats boutique on Facebook :) I hope I wine because, I am busy baking and throwing parties. Thank you very much for the chance to wine fingers crossed

  • Amber S

    Amber S wrote:

    I definitely like!!!

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    Glenda L wrote:

    I have liked Sweet & Treats boutique on Facebook. I love baking and this win would enable me to use your products in a friendly fun way. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  • Lisa N

    Lisa N wrote:

    I like on facebook

  • Sara A

    Sara A wrote:

    I own a small boutique in my hometown where we throw birthday parties, and this site is going to be my new favorite place to shop!!! I'm so very glad to have seen this!! 'Liked' on fb, for sure!!!

  • Deborah J

    Deborah J wrote:

    I liked the site on FB. Have loved the pictures and ideas on this site. Hope I am a winner.

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    Liked on Facebook. Awesome if I could win :)

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    Liked your page and your products!!! Pick me please!!!!

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    Kay K wrote:

    I liked Sweet & Treats Boutique on Facebook. I love to host family parties. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    Georgina W wrote:

    cross fingers xx

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    Sarah R wrote:

    I liked Sweets and Treats on Facebook....thanks

  • Sarah R

    Sarah R wrote:

    I liked Sweets and Treats on Facebook....thanks

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    Catherine S wrote:

    Liked :)

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    Laura W wrote:

    these would be so perfect for my granddaughters up coming birthday!

  • Dena W

    Dena W wrote:

    I liked you Facebook page! LOVE your products!

  • Cintia S

    Cintia S wrote:

    i did!!

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    Cindy V wrote:

    I liked Sweet & Treats Boutique on Facebook and love the giveaway

  • Jennifer L

    Jennifer L wrote:

    Love these! They would have been perfect for the baked goods we had to do for our school's drama club sale.

  • Amber P

    Amber P wrote:

    I did! love the straws :)

  • Roxie M

    Roxie M wrote:

    Liked it! Love the stuff!

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    I liked

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    I liked them! Hope I win!

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    I like them! Can't wait to find out if I won!

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    Liked! Love this page!

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    Edwina W wrote:

    I didit. products look fantastic!!!!

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    Sarah W wrote:

    Wow everything is super cute....oh the things I could create!

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    Carol C wrote:

    I liked them!! Love all of the amazing patterns and choices! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Reshma S wrote:

    Liked on FB - there are some amazing products!

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    Liked on FB!

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    Ooooo! I liked their page thanks for sharing the info! I love me some chevron!

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    Definitely Like this! :)

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    Donna C wrote:

    Love this! Been looking for these products!

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    weeeee liked! tysvm 4 the opportunity.

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    Just liked it. Thank you for enabling my cupcake wrapper addition!

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    LIked on fb and I would love to win. Thanks for the chance. Catarina

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    Awesome, thank you!

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    I already like ya :)

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    Tammy M wrote:

    Great giveaway, thanks!

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    Jahna E wrote:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! These party accessories are amazing, and as a mom of 2 and a hostess these would be very well used! GORGEOUS!

  • Typical Scrapbooker J

    Typical Scrapbooker J wrote:

    I did it thanks for a chance to win !!

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    Walaika H wrote:

    You're "Liked"!

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    Renee M wrote:

    I did it. With two little boys and third bub on the way I would love to win this :)

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    Ok, I liked you on facebook :) thanks for the chance. if i win this it will go to my daughter as part of her cupcake themed Christmas presents. Great addition!

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    I liked!!! Would be so fun to win this!

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    Patricia P wrote:

    YUM! Sweets and Treats would rock my holiday party.

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    Love love love all their products! I hope I win...would make some awesome teacher gifts! :)

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