{GIVEAWAY} Win 2 iPad Minis + 2 SHUTTERbags!

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm so excited to be part of this giveaway sponsored by Familiar, a free and private way to share your photos with your family.

If you're looking for an easy way to share photos with family members (especially grandparents who aren't very tech-savvy), or if you want to share photos privately instead of blasted across Facebook, Familiar might be the perfect site for you.

It turns the screens you already have into picture frames, allowing you to see family photos no matter where you are. Cool, right?

familiar app

Fabulous Mother's Day Giveaway from Familiar

You can share your photos with your family by using Familiar, and in honor of Mother's Day, you can share some really fabulous prizes, too!

We're giving away one iPad Mini and one SHUTTERbag for you- and then one iPad Mini and one SHUTTERbag for you to share with someone special for Mother's Day!

What an amazing gift that would be- whether you give the second iPad mini and SHUTTERbag to your mom or your stepmom or grandma or daughter... whomever you would like to honor this Mother's Day! All while winning one for yourself, too!

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What Is Familiar?

Familiar is a free app that lets you send and share pictures instantly between your loved ones in a private social network. Photos can be seen in real time on screensavers, smart phones or tablets.

>Why Familiar is Great

Because everyone from tech-savvy Aunt Jen to computer-illiterate Grandpa can see your family photos instantly and effortlessly.

How Familiar Works

Download the app. Upload pics. Invite family and close friends to join. Photos start showing up instantly in computer screensavers and smartphone/tablet photo wallets.


Familiar is compatible with an iPhone, Android, Tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Get familiar with Familiar and download the free app now.

Terms and Conditions

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Promotion available to those ages 18+ and US Only.

This Giveaway will run for 11 days starting Tuesday, April 23 at 5:00 AM PST and ending Friday, May 3 at midnight PST. Once the giveaway ends, one winner will be chosen using Random.org and contacted within 24 hours by email. This post will be updated with the winner’s name once we’ve heard back from them. The winner will need to respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. For more on our giveaway policies, go here.



  • no photo

    Beverly O wrote:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I will be checking out Familar soon. Thanks

  • Danelle J

    Danelle J wrote:

    I would love to share my daughter's graduation from kindergarten.

  • Carla H

    Carla H wrote:

    A recent photo moment I would like to share with our family is our recent trip to Ohio's Amish region.

  • Dawn K

    Dawn K wrote:

    I would love to share my son's upcoming graduation!

  • Kelly F

    Kelly F wrote:

    I would love to share pictures of my kids from Easter.

  • Cindy G

    Cindy G wrote:

    I would love to share my son's birthday party we just had last weekend, ALL of our family lives at least 5hrs. away so they of course were not able to attend.

  • Janell A

    Janell A wrote:

    Spaghetti night all over my two year old!

  • Tara W

    Tara W wrote:

    Pictures from my son's first trip to see a baseball game! And he's going to be in his first trike-a-thon on Friday :)

  • no photo

    Bill M wrote:

    I'd share photos and video of my grandson crawling for the first time with a big smile on his face.

  • Melissa L

    Melissa L wrote:

    I'd love to share our mini weekend getaway for my moms birthday to Monterey, CA and our drive along Hwy 1 to Cayucos, CA. It was such a beautiful drive and my parents enjoyed themselves as well.

  • Lauren N

    Lauren N wrote:

    I would like the share pics from my son's first birthday!

  • no photo

    Alex N wrote:

    thanks for the opportunity to win such fabulous prizes!

  • no photo

    Stephanie B wrote:

    my 10 year old son and I ran our first 5K, TOGETHER!!! we took pictures the entire way. That is what I would LOVE to share :)

  • Nancy A

    Nancy A wrote:

    would love love love to win. thank you for such an amazing give-away. :)

  • Nancy A

    Nancy A wrote:

    my blog comment - didn't really have a way to take too many pictures at my son's 4th birthday. Would love to share those that I did take and would love something wonderful like an ipad mini to make sure I don't miss those special moments in the future! :)

  • Jamie L

    Jamie L wrote:

    I lovvvvvvvvve this site!!!!

  • Holly @ Mimi's Dollhouse L

    Holly @ Mimi's Dollhouse L wrote:

    I would love to share the face my daughter makes when she sings her bedtime songs.

  • Sheili Yun G

    Sheili Yun G wrote:

    I'd love to share with my family my sons silly pictures.

  • Sheili Yun G

    Sheili Yun G wrote:

    I'd love to share with my family my sons silly pictures.

  • Amy W

    Amy W wrote:


  • no photo

    Jamie J wrote:

    I would love to share pics of my daughter's 1st birthday!

  • Rena H

    Rena H wrote:

  • Rena H

    Rena H wrote:

    My Two daughters cuddling together in matching outfits. Just precious

  • Iris M

    Iris M wrote:

    I would love to share the photo moment of when my 2 kids saw snow flurries during spring break this past March when were vacationing in Atlanta!

  • Amy C

    Amy C wrote:

    I'd love to capture my son playing at the beach ...those moments when he is entranced by the waves, the sand & the critters on the beach.

  • Jennifer G

    Jennifer G wrote:

    I'd love to share my daughter's 8th grade graduation with friends and family who can't be with us.

  • Rebecca A

    Rebecca A wrote:

    I am a camera happy mother of a two year old. I want to share the magic and wonder in her day to day life with my whole family.

  • Mia H

    Mia H wrote:

    I'm registering my daughter for kindergarten tonight, lots of pictures will be taken for my scrapbook :)

  • Marisol M

    Marisol M wrote:

    I'd love to share my recent 3D sonograph photo with my family and friends and the excitement from big brother :)

  • Tina R

    Tina R wrote:

    I would like to share the photos of my sons Mickey Mouse themed 3rd bday party!!!

  • Sam L

    Sam L wrote:

    family vacation!!

  • Claire P

    Claire P wrote:

    my son just lost a tooth. I'd share that. :)

  • Alicia T

    Alicia T wrote:

    I would love to share my Nephews Deployment and sons beach vacation

  • Joe P

    Joe P wrote:

    I would like to share photos of my upcoming wedding