How to Turn Father's Day into "Super Dad" Day!

by Jillian Leslie on

Free Father's Day Superhero Printables! |

My husband is definitely a superhero. Sure he's strong, handsome, brave, smart, and can fix anything, but that's not why he's a superhero.

When my daughter was two, my husband needed to change a lightbulb in the bathroom. My daughter told him to wait, then toddled into her toy box, dug for a while, and returned with her  wooden toy toolkit to show him she was ready to work. He lifted her up and let her screw in the light bulb all by himself. The pride on her face was priceless. And in that moment I knew he was a superhero.

So I told Lainey that this year we were going to make a "superhero" celebration for Dad for Father's Day. She loved the idea. We did a trial run by making pancakes drizzled with Nutella (my favorite way to eat pancakes), then decorated the stack using this "Super Dad" free Father's Day printable set from our site.  I love the way it turned out in this photo. My husband is going to love it on Sunday, when we surprise him.

We also printed out the Father's Day cards from the printable set, and Lainey got busy composing her card. She wouldn't let me share what she wrote, but here's the cover.

Free Father's Day Superhero Printables! |

So go ahead and turn your ordinary Father's Day into a "Super Dad" Day with our superhero printables and a maybe a yummy pancake breakfast!

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