FooDoodler Markers Let You Write on your Food

by Jillian Leslie on

I first read about FooDoodlers on Meaghan Mountford's The Decorated Cookie, a great food decorating blog I wrote about in this post.

Use these to draw on your food!

FooDoodlers are markers made of food coloring that you can use to draw on cookies, cakes, pancakes, bread, crackers, marshmallows... you name it.

And when I read that Meaghan recommends them, and was even running a contest on her blog to give some away, I knew they had to be good.

Not only would these markers be fun to use on your own food decorating projects, but how great would these be at a party?  Lay out some iced cookies and some FooDoodler markers and let people go to town.

There were also a couple of creative ideas on their website that I thought were worth sharing:

After a sleepover, put out the pens and let your guests color their pancakes.

If you take kids to a restaurant and want to entertain them, pull out some FooDoodlers and let them draw on their food.

Give your fruits and vegetables more pizazz by drawing on them.

I know my daughter will love these!  In fact, if I don't win them on Meaghan's blog, I'm ordering some on Amazon.

Photo: The Decorated Cookie


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    Mousse Cakes wrote:

    This is so interesting! Draw on your cookie instead! A very fun activity for a children's party! I'm assuming the markers are just food coloring?