is a Cool New Place for Food Lovers (Like Me)!

by Jillian Leslie on


Do you think of yourself as a "foodie"? Then have you seen the newly redesigned Foodie site? It's filled with photos of beautiful dishes and new inspiring recipes that are easy to bookmark. I don't know about you, but I love browsing photos of gorgeous food. I find it weirdly relaxing. I think it must be the feeling of comfort it evokes. Do you feel the same way?

One of the best thing about Foodie is if you want to add your recipes to the site, it's simple (no need to retype). With their bookmarlet tool (like the Pinterest "pin" button), Foodie will upload your recipes all by itself. Plus you can follow people you like and have people follow you. Here's my info if you want to follow me.


Foodie has a Foodie iPad app that's updated seasonally. It features some of the best recipes from the site. Personally, I think the Spring Flavor app looks delicious and I just downloaded it. I love having great recipes at my fingertips on my iPad. Makes cooking so much easier!

Look for our recipes in an upcoming edition!

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