Emoji Instagram Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My four favorite parties of the week include an emoji Instagram party, a mermaid party, a blue Cinderella party, Harry Potter party | Catchmyparty.com

Hope you're having a great long holiday weekend! We just back from seeing family in San Francisco. We had a nice time and it was an absolutely beautiful day!

There were some incredible parties added to our site this week, including an awesome Emoji Instagram Party that has the cutest poop cupcake (seriously!.

So without further ado, my four favorite parties of the week are the emoji party I mentioned earlier, that would be perfect for tweens, a mermaid birthday party with stunning details, a beautiful blue Cinderella party, and an amazing Harry Potter birthday party!

Debbie M's Emoji party

Instagram party | Catchmyparty.com

Sandy Bahia's Alice's Under the Sea

Mermaid party | Catchmyparty.com

Christina M's Vivienne's Cinderella 1st Birthday

Cinderella party | Catchmyparty.com

Michelle L's A Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter party | Catchmyparty.com

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