DIY: Our First Easter Eggs of the Season

by Jillian Leslie on

Easter has come early at our house. On Saturday, it poured! I had just bought my daughter, Lainey, an egg dying kit but was hoping to save it. However, by 2:00pm I was desperate, so we opened up the kit and got dying. It turned out to be the perfect rainy day activity.

Once we were done, I printed out theseĀ free Easter egg holders at the HP Create Studio. They are some of the cutest ones I've seen. My daughter loved the way they turned out and wanted me to show them off on our site (she set up these shots, btw)...

The egg dying kit we used I bought at Joann's. It's the Dudley's Tie Dye Glitter Kit. It wasn't messy (you use cellophane bags to do the dying), the colors were great, and I liked how it came with glitter you sprinkle on when the eggs are wet.

All in all, it was a very successful day, and today, the sun was out, and it made the glitter on the eggs sparkle even more.


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