Boho Tribal 1st Birthday Parties and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

Another week has gone by (time flies doesn't it?) and again we've had loads of great parties added to to CatchMyParty.

Get ready to be blown away by the incredible boho tribal 1st birthday parties that was added this week! Both are gorgeous and packed with wonderful party ideas.

My favorite parties this week include this 2 boho tribal 1st birthday parties, a Where the Wild Things Are 1st birthday, and housewarming shabby chic party | CatchMyParty

My favorite parties this week include this gorgeous boho tribal 1st birthday party, a beautiful Coachella themed  boho tribal 1st birthday party, a fun Wild One Where the Wild Things Are 1st birthday party , and a pretty shabby chic 1st housewarming party.

Here's more info on my 4 favorites below:

Cristin Kelly Design & Events' Camila's 1st Birthday party!

My favorite details:

  • The amazing dessert table with the pale pink large sequin tablecloth and pretty dreamcatcher decorating the backdrop
  • The gorgeous white naked birthday cake decorated with brightly colored fresh flowers and a gold glittery 'one' topper
  • The cute coconut covered candy apples decorated with colorful feathers
  • The gorgeous mix of boho tribal themed sugar coated cookies
Boho tribal 1st birthday party I

Lindsey C's Isachella 1st birthday party

My favorite details:

  • The pretty dessert table with the wooden backdrop decorated with scattered flowers and and a glittery gold 'Isabella'
  • The cute cactus topped pink frosted cupcakes served on a ferris wheel
  • The amazing boho tribal inspired table settings under a wooden tent
Coachella 1st birthday party I

Cristin Kelly Design & Events' John's Where the Wild Things Are 1st Birthday!

My favorite details:

  • The awesome dessert table with the yellow and green balloons and the hanging 'wild things' silhouettes in the backdrop with a wonderful greenery garland hanging on the table
  • The adorable mix of Where the Wild Things Are themed sugar coated cookies
  • The fun 'wild things' cupcakes
Where the Wild Things Are 1st Birthday I

PINKontheweekend's Deidre’s Housewarming 

My favorite details:

  • The gorgeous shabby chic dessert table with the beautiful floral arrangements and rustic look
  • The beautiful donut wall with a delicious mix of donuts
  • The stunning sugar coated mix of housewarming themed cookies
Shabby Chic Housewarming Party |

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