Bohemian Baby Shower and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My four favorite parties this week: a Where the Wild Things Are party, an Easter dance party, a lumberjack birthday party, and a bohemian baby shower! |

This week there were so many fantastic parties added to our site, including a beautiful bohemian baby shower, I'm dying to show you!

But first, I went to Cincinnati last week to visit P&G, the Bounty headquarter, and I learned two important things:

  • Bounty paper towels are empirically better than every other brand of paper towels. In head-to-head competitions, they always win. You can even try it at home and see for yourself.
  • The people who work on Bounty are an incredibly passionate bunch. They take their jobs very seriously and I was really impressed with them.
Thanks Bounty, for having me.

Okay, now back to my post... My four favorite parties this week are a wild rumpus Where the Wild Things Are party, a colorful and fun Easter dance party, a rustic lumberjack birthday party for a two year old, and a gorgeous boho chic shower with an amazing trail mix bar! Take a look below and you will be impressed!

Jennifer J's Asher's Wild Rumpus

Where the Wild Things Are |

Sweet Jelly Parties' Hip Hop Hooray

Easter party |

Ashley C's Charlie turns T W O

Lumberjack party |

14 & Hudson Paula Clemente Woods' Kasi's Woodsy Boho Baby Shower

Woodland party |



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