Best Catch My Party Recipes of 2013!

by Jillian Leslie on

I cooked and baked up a storm in 2013. It's fun to look back at all the things I made.

I came to enjoy cooking in my 20's, after taking a few cooking classes in Los Angeles. But it was really after the launch of Catch My Party, that my love of cooking and baking exploded. In the beginning, I was too scared to share my recipes on our blog. But as I kept at it and as my skills improved, I started slowly sharing what I was doing. The response was so positive, it made me want to do more! Thank you, Catch My Party Community, for being my biggest cheerleaders.

I thought I'd start by highlighting my 3 favorite desserts (because who doesn't like dessert first). :)

My 3 Favorite Catch My Party Desserts from 2013

  1. Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies
  2. Mini Cranberry Apple Pies
  3. Rosemary Walnut Biscotti


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