Back-To-School Morning Checklist

by Jillian Leslie on

This back-to-school morning checklist had makes our transition back to school so much easier |

I was asked by Target to share my hack for making back-to-school a little easier. So here it is... a simple back-to-school morning checklist.

Going back to school is definitely not a fun transition in our house. School means structure, schedules, getting up early... ugh.

But I have a daughter who loves checking things off. I think it gives her a real sense of accomplishment.

So by giving her a checklist, especially during our first week back, our morning routine becomes a lot less about me reminding her to do things, and more about her taking the lead.

And it has weirdly made our mornings a whole lot easier. I recommend you try it if you have a kid like mine.

And here are some photos from our back-to-school shopping trip to Target.

The most interesting thing I noticed was that at eight, my daughter, is officially over princess and girly stuff. At first, she debated buying this...

Back to school shopping |

But ultimately chose this as her backpack...

Back to school shopping |

And this as her new lunchbox.

Back to school shopping |

Snoopy or Hello Kitty? We went home with Snoopy.

Back to school shopping |

It's fascinating to watch our kids grow up. The old adage of the days go slow but the years go fast... couldn't be more true.

Welcome to third grade, baby!

Target makes going back to school easy.



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