Back to School Fashion

by Jillian Leslie on

Back to School Fashion Ideas | I was asked by JCPenny to outfit my daughter, Lainey, in some of their back to school fashion and show off her favorite finds. This was a really fun post to do, because Lainey got to express her creativity from start to finish.

First, she and I headed to JCPenny, and once inside, I let her loose, picking out everything she liked. She started with tee shirts, jackets, and infinity scarves!

Lainey is seven, and seven is such a unique age. It's really when you can see your kids turn from "little kids" into full-blown people with strong senses of self, and a real awareness for how they want to show themselves off to the world.

I could also see a lot of my influence on her, which I was a little surprised by. I love infinity scarves, cardigans, costume jewelry, leggings, and crossbody bags, but we don't usually talk about my fashion choices. However, now I've learned she likes a lot of those same thing.

It made me very mindful of how much we influence our children, even when we aren't aware we are doing it. It definitely speaks to the notion that children pick up most from us by what we do, and not what we say.

I always thought it was cute that Lainey would say when she grows up she wants to be a blogger and entrepreneur like her mom. But to be honest, I always thought this was just something she said.

Now it makes me realize that I need to take what she says a little more seriously. Maybe she's not yet ready for a Wordpress blog, but how about that lemonade stand she's been talking about? Maybe I really need to help her make that happen.


Check out all the cute back to school fashion she styled!


And the poses are 100% authentic. It's amazing what you can capture when you take a few hundred photos!

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