Apple Party Ideas, Nutty Turkey DIY, Kid Alligator Parties

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Apple Party Ideas

Apples and autumn go wonderfully together, here are some amazing apple party ideas!

Apple party ideas |

You'll find ideas for a wide variety of parties such as birthdays, back to school, fall/Thanksgiving, baby showers and more!

Nut Turkeys DIY

These adorable nut turkeys are made from walnuts and almonds and are a perfect Thanksgiving DIY! Turkey Nuts |


  • Using a glue gun, glue googly eyes onto an almond
  • Next glue the almond to a walnut
  • Cut 2 brown pieces of pipe cleaner 1 inch long, and another 2 pieces 1/2 inch long
  • Glue the shorter pieces to the side of the walnut as the wings, and the longer pieces to the bottom for the feet
  • Glue 1/2 inch of red pipe cleaner on the tip of the almond as the wattle
  • Take a strip (2 inches x 6 inches) of patterned scrapbooking paper and fold it to make a fan
  • Glue the fan to the back end of what is now your nut turkey!
  • Enjoy!

Alligator Party Ideas

Head to the swamp and have some fun with these cute kid alligator party ideas! Alligator party ideas |

A great theme for a boy birthday party or even a baby shower! Here you'll find ideas for dessert tables, decorations, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and much much more!






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