A Stunning Baby Shower for a Princess

by Jillian Leslie on

Kids are getting back to school but your wonderful parties keep inspiring so many! This week I've picked out 4 excellent parties including a stunning baby shower for a princess! You are going to love the gorgeous ballerina cake pops.

Make sure you check out the other parties I picked out. You're going to be blown away with all the cool party ideas! Enjoy.

Collage of my 4 favorite parties of the week

Check out my 4 favorite parties below:

My favorite parties this week include a beautiful baby shower for a princess, an awesome bachelorette party,  an amazing Aladdin birthday party and a cute bumble bee baby shower.

Party 1: Baby Shower for a Princess

Chastity S' Welcoming a Princess


  • The beautiful 'baby' dessert table with a luxurious pink and gold drape backdrop
  • The stunning cake pops topped with a gold ballerina silhouette and a pretty tutu
  • The cute pink macarons with gold footprints
  • The fantastic ballerina slipper cake pops
Ballerina Baby Shower cake pops

Party 2: Bachelorette Party

Fayola W's Hey Frase Bachelorette Party 


  • The amazing dessert table framed with the most impressive balloon garland ever, in shades blush pink and gold
  • The cool glasses with hot pink lips, a stripy gold straw with a 'wife of the party' straw flag and an awesome little man in underwear hanging off it
  • The beautiful drip cake decorated with fresh flowers
Fun strawflags at an awesome Bachelorette party

Party 3: Aladdin Birthday Party

[email protected]'s A Whole New World!


  • The exotic purple and turquoise dessert table framed by a beautiful balloon garland
  • The fabulous Arabian palace birthday cake
  • The bunch of pretty ornated cupcakes
Gorgeous Aladdin themed birthday cake

Party 4: Bumble Bee Baby Shower

Justbakedsweets' Throwing a Bee Themed Baby Shower


  • The wonderful yellow dessert table with the honeycomb backdrop, fabulous white tulle table skirt, and stunning balloon garland.
  • The impressive gold drip cake topped with a gold honeycomb
  • The fun white chocolate covered pretzels decorated with little bumble bees
Bumble Bee chocolate covered pretzels

More parties in these favorite party themes:

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