A Great Catering Idea... The Taco Truck

by Jillian Leslie on

For those of you not in California, you may not be familiar with the ubiquitous taco truck, but for those of us from the West Coast, especially LA, we know them well for their quick, yummy, carne asada.

Recently I've been hearing about taco trucks catering parties -- kids birthday parties, picnics, and even weddings.  It's a fun, inexpensive way to feed lots of people, especially when there are no real cooking facilities available on premises.

And now with Kogi, the Korean BBQ taco truck that's sweeping LA (they tweet their location daily on Twitter and lines form way in advance of arrival), taco trucks have even gone upscale.  In fact, in this economy, I see the start of a new trend here.  Say you want to open a restaurant but the startup costs are too high, you can begin by going mobile.

People in LA swear by them.
People in LA swear by them.

Anyway, if you're looking for an alternative to sub sandwiches and pizza, think taco truck for your next party.  And if you're in LA, check out this blog, The Great Taco Hunt.  It seem to be the authority.



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