14 Must-See Pokemon Go Party Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on

14 Must-See Pokemon Go Party Ideas | Catchmyparty.com

Pokemon Go is such a phenomenon! My daughter and husband play it a lot, and for the last week that was all they've been talking about. Are your families as obsessed?

I'm expecting a slew of Pokemon Go birthday parties showing up on our site very soon. So to help you plan yours, check out these 14 awesome Pokemon Go party ideas!


1. Pokemon Party Printables

What adorable Pokemon party printables This set comes with everything you'll need to decorate your Pokemon party in style!

Pokemon Party Ideas - Dessert Table | CatchMyParty.com


2. Pin the Tail on Pikachu

A printout of Picachu and a missing tale. Here's a perfect game for your party!

Pin the tail on Pikachu | Catchmyparty.com

3. Pokeball Candy Bowl

I'm loving this DIY Pokeball themed candy bowl and the Pokeball cake pops in the background.

Pokeball candy container | Catchmyparty.com

4. Pikachu Party Cake

Purchase this cake topper and you've got all the decoration you need for your Pokemon Go cake!

Pikachu cake topper | Catchmyparty.com

5. Pikachu Peep Pops

I think this is such a clever way to make Pikachu Peep pops!

Pokemon Go Party Ideas - Pikachu Marshmallow Pops | Catchmyparty.com

6. Pokeball Snack Tray

Take a red snack tray, cover one side in white tape, add some black detailing, and you're there.

Pokemon Go Party Ideas - Pokemon snacks | Catchmyparty.com

7. Pokeball Trainer Hats

Homemade Pokeball trainer hats would make great party favors.

Party Favor Pokeball Trainer Hat | CatchMyParty.com

8. Marshmallow Pokeballs

Red candy melts, chocolate candy melts, and white chocolate chips... how clever are these?

Marshmallow pokeballs | Catchmyparty.com

9. Party Invitations

How adorable are these Pikachu invitations!

Pokemon Birthday Party Invitations | CatchMyParty.com

10. Pokemon Masks

Printable Pokemon masks to give out to your guests.

Pokemon Masks | CatchMyParty.com

11. Pokeball Cupcakes

Cupcakes topped with red, white, and black fondant.

Pokeball cupcakes | Catchmyparty.com

12. Pokemon Favor Tags

Here's how to give your party favors a Pokemon touch.

Pokemon Party Favor Tags | CatchMyParty.com

13. Pokemon Favor Boxes

Favor boxes with Pikachu!

Pokemon Party Favor Boxes | CatchMyParty

14. Pokemon Banner

Purchase this "Happy Birthday" banner and get your guests into the Pokemon spirit!

Pokemon Happy Birthday Banner | CatchMyParty.com

Be sure to check out all of these Pokemon party ideas on our site!




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